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About Us

Welcome to myZohan! My name is Zohra, and I'm the founder of myZohan. My husband, Ahmed and I started this website to give people better buying choices. Here's our story...
I was born in Cape Town and my husband is originally from Durban. We got married in July 2001 and by late November that year an opportunity arose for us to spend a few months in the UK. These few months turned into 2 fantastic years and we used every opportunity to travel - we visited over 20 countries and many more cities. During these travels we appreciated the different and often wider choices that is often available to consumers in other markets. Not to mention... better pricing! We eventually returned home to South Africa, but having been spoilt by the shopping experiences in Europe, Far East, Middle East and North America, it was hard to ignore that. We became internet shoppers, to the point where our bank insisted we get an importer's license! It was only a matter of time before friends were asking us for "favours" - buying or shipping stuff for them other parts of the world. With the kids schooling and my parents selling their business, we felt it was time to extend the "favour" to more South Africans. We hope to help you in some way.
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